Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Tribute

I think it's fitting that I give a shout out to the very first blog I ever read, the J-Walk Blog. I found his blog through The Spreadsheet Page, which I found in the first Excel programming book I ever bought, Excel VBA Programming for Dummies.

Yes, I realize that I said the first Excel programming book I ever bought, which must mean I have purchased more than one. This is true - I have two. But I digress. The reason for this post is to draw attention to the highly entertaining J-Walk Blog.

As I mentioned before, this was the first blog I ever read, and the first time I ever heard of a blog. Since that time, I've read his blog almost every day for the last three years, and not only do I feel like I know the guy, but I feel like I know some of the commenters that post on his site, too. Toad, wok, Rance, Jim Kloss... the list goes on and on. I don't post there very often, but I do spend a great deal of time every day browsing the new posts and the new comments. The style, tone, intelligence and content of this blog make it a refreshing oasis on the internet (and I should be careful here, because I'm now a part of that).

I highly recommend checking this blog out, as long as you won't get fired for spending hours reading it.


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