Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Commercials With Fake Happiness

What's the deal with commercials that feature people being incredibly happy about doing things that no normal person gets that excited about? No thirtysomething male is going to be laughing while he shops for lamps at a hardware store.

No one laughs at the idea of eating fast food. It's not an event in and of itself - people stop there because it's convenient while they partake in real plans.

Of course, they wouldn't sell quite so many Big Macs if they showed footage from inside a real restaurant, would they? Hmm... I'm lovin' it.


At 9:55 AM , Anonymous Andrew said...

My favorites are the ones where people are unusually thrilled to be cleaning their bathrooms: I just LOVE new and improved Mr. Clean--now in new Fresh Mountain Glen Babbling Brook Pine Clean Air Scent! Now, cleaning poop residue off my toilet is easier than ever!


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