Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Who Says a Website Can't Be Your Friend?

Today I discovered SitePal, an interesting, albeit creepy service today. Visit the site to play with the demo and create an interesting character that follows your cursor with its eyes!

If this was a free option, I might consider something like this for a gag. But not for $9.95/month! I can't imagine that this would add a sense of professionalism to any site....


At 12:01 PM , Anonymous Danny Kaye said...

You are most certainly correct, Keving.

I looked at it and thought, "How cool is that?" But then I thought about how fast the novelty would wear out and then it would become a $$$ drain to get the latest and greatest version. And for what?

I couldn't answer that one. So I decided you were right. I'll not be placing my order this week.

At 12:02 PM , Anonymous Danny Kaye said...

I have no idea who Keving is.


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