Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Wilderness Living

I recently saw part of a special on public television entitled Alone in the Wilderness, which was a story of a man named Dick Proenneke who moved (alone) to the Alaskan wilderness. It reminded me of an earlier post, in which I mentioned the story of Tom Neale, except this takes place in a colder climate.

This story has sparked an interest for me, so I'm thinking about exploring the concept in a novel. I need to do some research on the subject before I write anything, so I'm going to keep a list of links to follow up with (these are all books or DVDs - a Google search should help with online research).

Alone in the Wilderness DVD set
One Man's Wilderness (Proenneke's book)
Wilderness Living - Davenport
Hatchet - Paulson (also see the other books by Paulson along this line)
My Side of the Mountain - George (actually, this is to the trilogy, which I didn't realize existed)
Edible Plants, blah blah blah - Brill
Arctic Homestead... - Cobb
Edges of the Earth - Richard Leo (thanks, Jim)
Into the Wild - Krakauer (thanks, RBS)

There is a TON of information out there. I could spend years just researching it all!


At 5:46 PM , Blogger Jim said...

Or you could come up here and spend some time in a wilderness cabin and let some of the research happen live. :-)

Thanks for the link to the film. I've never seen it but will keep it on my list of things to watch. Richard Leo's Edges Of The Earth is a pretty realistic portrait of a family in the wilderness of this area in case you want yet more research material.


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