Thursday, February 15, 2007

Are You a Geek Like Me?

A co-worker recently posted a good list on her door of favorite geek sayings. I laughed at most of them, but this one made me quite literally chortle.

Roses are #FF0000,
Violets are #0000FF,
All my base
Are belong to you.

The thing is, I find that poem to be so great, I'm not even a tiny bit ashamed to admit that I both 'get' it and think it's hilarious. If you're wondering what the heck it's about, maybe this and this and this will help.

The site this came from can be found here (note: parts of this site were blocked by my company's web filter, so discretion may be in order).

UPDATE: Oooh, Daddy, Christmas is comin' early. You can get a T-Shirt from!


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