Monday, March 20, 2006

Back That Disc Up

My new mission is to come up with some kind of backup process to protect my files. I can't believe I haven't worried about this before, but I've never had a direct brush with a failed hard drive, so even though I know it could happen at any time, I have this devil-may-care attitude about my system. Recently, though, I've been thinking about doing it because all of my son's pictures reside in digital format, and if I lose those, we'll have almost no documentation of his first year.

Since that sounds like a bad plan, I've decided to be proactive. I think what I'll do is purchase a 200GB internal hard drive, since I've got room in my desktop tower for another internal drive. That way, I don't have another device to cram onto my desk, and the cost will be less. Then I need to get a backup utility, and a DVD-burner for periodic writing to a disc for very important files. Also, I need to bolster the RAM on my machine up to 1 GB (that's unrelated this project, though). Sheesh. All told, this project is going to cost about $400.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good backup utility that will support burning to DVD and CD?


At 1:43 PM , Blogger WesSpice said...

Speaking as someone who lost his hard drive just a few months ago, it sucks. Hard. Actually my hard drive is fine; all the information is still there, the heads are just shot so I have no way to access the information. If anyone knows some one/where to fix it for under $1000, please let me know. Anyway...

Now that you mention it, since I've spent hundreds of hours trying to replace the (what I now find out to be near irreplaceable) items that I had, I still haven't procured some sort of back-up utility. Maybe it's that whole "lightning never strikes twice" mentality, but that thought honestly never even crossed my mind. But, not that Kevin has asked, I will thoroughly research said topic until I find a suitable solution, announce to all people my intention, and then proceed to do absolutely nothing about the situation until it happens again. That's just how I roll. However, in the interim, here are some useful links:

(uber-long URLs, grrr)


Places to find stuff you may have lost had your hard drive failed you

Hope this helps.


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