Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why I Must Have A TabletPC

I can't stand paper. Don't get me wrong, I don't have some kind of burning hatred for it. I don't feel a strong desire to rip every piece I come across into a thousand tiny shreds. I enjoy paper in many cases, usually when printed with interesting strings of sentences and bound together into a handy bundle that I can carry around and look through when it strikes me. Namely, I don't mind books. In fact, I love books.

No, I hate loose pieces of paper. I'm not a very organized person, and I'll be the first to admit that. My desk is cluttered as a general rule, between code reference guides, cups of water and coffee, and especially piles of paper. Most of the time the paper gets put into various stacks, which eventually get stacked together when I try to 'clean up' and ultimately get discarded when I realize they've been sitting around for a year without my ever needing them.

The worst part is that I like to jot things down as they occur to me. In fact, I almost need to or I will completely forget about various ideas/tasks/issues-that-I-absolutely-need-to-address. Whenever possible I utilize some kind of electronic means to capture the information, but I'm discovering that many times I want to have the best of both worlds - I want to store things electronically, but I'd like to be able to draw things out by hand instead of dealing with typing/formatting, which can be ridiculously frustrating at times.

Enter the TabletPC! I've seen demos of the handwriting recognition capability that Vista has, and I've decided that is my answer. I need a TabletPC (a pretty portable one with a great battery) that I can have on my desk to write things down as needed, which I can quickly and easily pull up months later when the need arises. Oh, to have an extra $1,500 or so lying around!

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