Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Orthopedics, Begone!

I've made the decision to forgo the damn orthopedic inserts I've been wearing. To be quite frank, when I put my shoes on this morning and stood up, I felt like I was standing on a couple of ball bearings. I suffered through it this morning, but five minutes ago decided it wasn't worth it, and I would try my luck without them.

The biggest problem is that if the shoes I'm using don't work, then I'm somewhat screwed. I don't have the disposable income to be buying crazy-expensive walking shoes right now, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed (no toes - I think that'll worsen things) that I'll be okay. Otherwise I might have to withdraw and regroup.



At 2:09 PM , Blogger Andrew said...

Quality running/walking shoes are key. $100 should do it. Also, you may want to consider starting with shorter distances (only walk half the day, or every other day) and then building slowly as your body gets stronger and more accustomed to regular exercise. The general rule is no more than a 10% increase per week (in either time or distance). It will get easier and easier as the muscle goes on and the pounds come off. Good work!!

At 11:20 AM , Blogger kevboy said...

In hindsight (if I were to recommend this process to anyone else) I would have followed a more ramped-up approach as you describe, increasing by a moderate percentage each week. I jumped into it with both feet, no pun intended, and I'm fortunate in that no problems seem to have come up thus far. I'm paying a lot of attention to my body at this point, so every twinge or ache is something I analyze to ensure I'm not pushing myself too hard. So far, so good. If I do find that I'm hurting, though, I'm going to quickly ramp things down and then plan out an approach to get back up to full time. Hopefully I don't have to cross that bridge, though...


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