Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nine Lives

Jane, over at Average Jane, is dealing with her elderly felines' health issues. It calls to mind my parents' cat, who lived a long and fruitful life. She was an outdoor cat (although she spent the winter curled up on a heating pad in my dad's garage), and was eighteen years old when she died. They didn't have to deal with many health issues, or dealing with the frustration of having her put to sleep, because I unfortunately backed over her in the driveway one night on my way home.

She was curled up under my car, which she frequently did, but as she was getting old, stiff and deaf, she either didn't realize I'd gotten in and started the car, or didn't have time to escape before I put in it reverse. Needless to say, I was upset about it, but my dad privately thanked me for doing it before my mom or sister did. I guess that was the silver lining in that situation.

Thinking of you tonight, Mama Kitty.


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