Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Spotlight on Whole Wheat Radio

Having mentioned WWR in my previous post, I thought I would take a quick second to recommend that you stop by and have a listen. Jim and Esther host a terrific independent streaming radio station, chock full of interesting music. More importantly, it's not the RIAA crap that oozes from every pore of the FM stations around here.

I can't listen to the live stream from work (yay for firewalls!), but I occasionally download some mp3s from the site to listen whilst I work. I also listen to the live stream from home, when I'm not logged in through VPN (yay for firewalls!).

If you're lucky enough to catch Jim during a rant, you'll know why so many people become total Wheat Heads. I fondly recall one evening during which we all listened to Jim and Esther engage in a (friendly) argument over the air. I think there was a mic button pushed somewhere, and they argued about bandwidth right over the top of the music. It was great! I highly recommend that you give it a listen, and I guarantee that you'll keep on coming. Enjoy!


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