Monday, October 15, 2007

Worlking - Day 6

I sort of lost steam last week and didn't post on Day 4 or Day 5 (which was really only a half-day!), but I did not lose steam as far as my workling is concerned. Losing the orthopedic inserts may have saved this plan, because since doing so I haven't had any kind of pain to speak of, other than moderately sore feet at the end of the day. They don't hurt any more than after a normal day at the zoo or a museum, so I'm not concerned about that.

I did have a blister on one of my little toes, which was a strange place to get a blister, I thought. I have been doubling up on my socks to avoid just such a thing, and I'm not sure why it came up, but that was on Thursday afternoon. It hurt a bit on Friday but by this morning it was completely gone and so far things seem good.

This morning I inclined the treadmill just a tad, and I can feel the difference in the muscles that are getting worked. It's interesting - I feel much more in tune with the muscles and joints in my lower body than I ever was. The interesting thing is how out of tune I was without realizing it. Things just feel different, for lack of a better description. For instance, the first time I noticed that moving felt different was as I crawled around on the floor with my boys playing "lion." Well, to be honest I was being an antelope and they were lions. It's cute, trust me.

On the downside, I spent a couple of days at my parents' house this weekend and did a TERRIBLE job of sticking to my diet. I ate badly, and often. As a result I lost no weight last week. However, I have refused to let that be discouraging, as this is a long-term process and I need to remember it as such. It's almost like investing - in the short term there will be fluctuations but the trend will be in one direction (and in my case, downward, hopefully!).

Total estimated mileage thus far (not counting today): 40 - 50 miles. I have played around with my speed a bit and I worked slightly strange hours last week, so I'm not sure. On a normal week, I'm estimating that it will be right around 10 miles per day, 50 miles per week (Note to Andrew: I'm leaving this morning for DC - see you right around Jan 21!).



At 1:05 PM , Blogger Andrew said...

Man, awesome to hear that losing the orthos helped you out. I think this treadmill desk is such a cool idea. Could you post on how the office is set up physically? Where do you keep your computer? Phone? What else is there? Do you have to leave the treadmill often to get a pen?

My lovely wife informed me that I gave you bad advice about shoes. She is a [crazy psycho but very beautiful and smart and funny] marathon runner and said that you should buy shoes for you specific activity. Running shoes for running, walking shoes for walking. Period. Personally, I think you should go as Yahweh intended: barefoot.

Blisters: doubling up on socks might actually make things worse. Weird rubbing and such . . . Again, a tidbit from my wife: some coach somewhere spent an entire practice teaching his team how to put on their socks. Yes. An entire practice. The theory is that if your socks aren't on properly, you will alter the way you move your body in order to compensate. This teeny alteration will magnify over time and could lead to injury. Whether this is true or not, blisters are cool because once they heal they turn into callouses!

Kev, if I start walking your way we can meet somewhere in Ohio.


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