Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Posers and Wannabes

R. Brett Stirling makes a good point at his blog, Alaska: The View From Up Here. In light of what he pointed out, I felt it was necessary to clarify that I am not hoping to be the next Jack London. Rather, I want to approach the idea of escaping to the remote wilderness from the perspective of someone who knows nothing about it (like myself), and deal with the subsequent circumstances that arise, without trying to give the impression that I think my writing is capturing the essense of Alaskan life.

It's hard to describe exactly what I'm thinking about, but I'm very glad I read that post, because it gave me pause. I'm going to keep it in the forefront of my mind as I explore the story idea that is taking place in there, and do my best to describe living in the wilderness without an undercurrent of implied understanding. Does that make sense to anyone? I'm going to give this idea some more thought, and maybe I'll revise this post if I think of a better way of putting it.

I can't believe I've made yet another online connection to someone in Alaska! How are you people finding this? It's crazy! It's great! Keep 'em coming.


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