Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Worlking - Day 8

The journey continues... I'm still walking strong with only fairly minimal issues (occasional but pervasive blister issues on the left little toe, with a hint of a problem on the right little toe today). I've switched shoes to see if that will have an impact. I still need to find a good pair of walking shoes and I've ditched the double socks (thanks Andrew and Colleen!).

Since starting this process about 4 weeks ago (the diet began before the worlking), I've shed just over 4% of my body weight (in an effort to preserve the tiny shred of dignity that remains, I've decided to disclose my progress in terms of percentages instead of raw weight - sneaky, huh?). In order to reach my final goal and lodge myself firmly in the very upper region of the "healthy" weight for my height (based on varying charts and tables that have scoffed at me for the last few years), I need to lose a whopping 25% of my original weight. Four down, twenty-one to go. Since I'm in love with percentages, that means I'm about 18% of the way to my final goal.

The nice thing is that these are solid, modest numbers that do nothing but encourage me at this point. I feel great, I'm making progress, and I have no desire to quit either my diet or my worlking. Things are good!

Coming soon... a detailed description (with pictures!) of the setup of my worlkstation.



At 10:55 AM , Blogger Colleen said...

4% is flippin' fantastic! Good work, Dude! And I am looking forward to seeing pictures of this worlking station...


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