Thursday, December 29, 2005

Strange Spam

I've been getting some very strange spam lately, and GMail isn't sophisticated enough to filter it. This is unfortunate, because I get a LOT of messages - sometimes more than 5 per day. There is English in these messages, but it's all nonsense, and then there's an image pushing Viagra and the like.

Even though I hate getting the spam, I have to laugh at the verbiage they come up with. Here's an example of a recent one:

Subject: Re: on want an pekinese telephony
Body (there was an image promoting drugs, then this): about it. How long this lasted, I doent know; but then theer come was turned out of house and home, and forced to lay down in a dyke,
The husband, whose name was Thomas Benjamin, had taken out his Because you and I are very different people, I returned.
Micawber. The ocean, in these times, is a perfect fleet of ships;
in her commendations. But Annie, in a spiritless unhappy way, only
How fast you walk. said he. My legs are pretty long, but youve spectacles. There was an execution put into our house, for rent.

I can't decide if this is someone in a foreign country writing this stuff, or a random language generator. Something tells me it's the latter. I'd love for Google to figure out a way to filter this garbage out, as well.


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