Monday, April 03, 2006

Bitten By the eBug

Yes, it's true. Overnight, I've become addicted to selling on eBay. Until recently, I've never actually sold anything, and I've only bid on a handful of items. Most of my experience with eBay was getting sniped at the last second, so I haven't been an overly-enthusiastic member of the online auction community.

That all changed yesterday, however. A little background... I have been lovingly maintaining a dusty stack of never-listened-to CD's for a little over two years now, with the firm intention to find a music resale shop and unload them for a pittance. About 2 weeks ago, I decided it would be easier to try and sell one of them on eBay, since I was interested in how that process would be. I posted a Violent Femmes CD for $1.00, and sat down to watch the bidding. Three days later, nothing had happened, and I decided to get some sleep. Finally, the auction ended with no bidders, and I was resigned to giving it away through my company's internal classified database.

However, eBay saved me the hassle (and in the process, got me hooked on their system, and have thus ensured some extra revenue from yours truly). They sent me an email saying it had ended with no buyer, but gave me the option of simply re-listing it. They even promised to refund the re-listing fee if I sold it this time. It was easier to click the 're-list now!' button than to post a new ad at work, so I did it, and promptly forgot about the auction. Then, this weekend I got a notice that someone paid me over $7 for it. Say what? Done and done!

Needless to say, I've now started going through all the CD's I don't want, and I'm going to post them all (at least the ones I think will actually sell). I'm doing the same with my DVD's, too. I'm now trying to figure out what else I have that I can sell. I wonder how much you can get for a 1-year-old male.... (hehehe)

Do you have any fascinating eBay stories?